Afternoon tea with the Club’s sponsor children

The Club has 12 students in primary and high school grades who we sponsor to attend school.

They and some parents came to have afternoon tea with us at the hotel.  We had a bag of school items and fun items for each student. The bags were kindly made by the BHS Auxiliary ladies.


Visit to a safe house

We had the most inspiring visit to a safe house which is run as a charitable organisation by Sonja and her husband Gino.

All the children who attend the programs come from disadvantaged homes or for a variety of reasons are not safe at home.  The programs offered are pre school and after school care where children are either dropped off and collected from the safe house or an agreed meeting place. There were 50 children of a range of ages when we visited. The organisation also provides an outreach service to a number of families who are visited monthly.  Thirty men over sixty also attend a regular health clinic at the safe house.

We donated sporting goods, games, soft toys, clothes and a care package of food.


Visit to Caleb House

Today we visited an orphanage called Caleb House, which provides a caring environment for up to 20 young people, usually boys, at a time.  Currently young people are aged from 9 months to 20 years old.  Their education is predominantly at vocational school while a couple are aiming for an academic career.  There was a fire recently which destroyed a store room and one of the dormitories.

We donated clothes, footwear, towels, sheets, pillows, food and sporting goods.

Day working on a grandmother’s house


The lady (Oma) who lives in this home has a grandson permanently living with her and her husband who has a mental illness.

We painted two rooms inside the house, the outside, hung new curtains and repaired a step into the garden. We are also arranging for the front windows, kitchen window and doors to be replaced.

We were very proud to have our Indonesian friends Mey, Danny and Michael working with us.

First order of the day was a site inspection, followed by a trip to the hardware store.

While some people went to the hardware store those who stayed behind played with the children.

Before photos.

During …

The finished product!




Sacred Eels … something not to miss!

We visited the sacred eels of Waai today.  The ability to be an ‘eel whisperer’ is  a special skill of one family.  It is usually passed from father to son and today we saw the first female member of the family calling the eels.

The eels are enticed out from their homes under the bank with an egg.  Once on show the eel whisperer can pick them up and hold for people to pat.  It is apparently very good luck to touch the slimy skin.